How-To: Display Multiple Variants at Once w/ Quantity Selector for Each

This is a great feature if you wish to display your variant combinations to your customers in a list where they can select a quantity for each variant combination and when they click the Add to Cart button, they are all added to the cart!

NOTE: When in the page editor, FB will display all variant combinations in the list.  When the page renders to your customers, FB will only show in-stock combinations.

1. On your product page, instead of the typical variant selector (i.e. the dropdowns), choose the Multiple Add object:

Image Placeholder

It will look something like this (of course, based on your product's variant combinations):

Image Placeholder

2) Save the page

3) Use the page like you would any other FB product page in a funnel (landing, upsell, downsell).  FB will show only the in-stock combinations to your customer (again, this is an example):

Image Placeholder

4) Now, when your customer clicks your Add to Cart button, all the products they selected will be added to their cart:

Image Placeholder

That's it!

As always, please remember - if you change variants on your product on your store, be sure to edit the product page you are using for that product, and for the product selection on the 2nd popup, remove the product and re-add it (this is where FB will update variants).