How-To: Use Shopify Tags to Enable More Than 1 Product Page as a Funnel Landing Page

Please reference this KB article about how to use a Shopify Product Page as a Landing Page

After you have created a funnel where a Shopify product page is the landing page, you can use that funnel for multiple products to take the customer to the same funnel.  Here's how:

1) Create a funnel as detailed in Shopify Product Page as a Landing Page
2) In your Shopify store's admin page, go to Products, edit the product used in the landing page product.
3) Scroll down to the TAGS section and enter in a unique tag (i.e. funnel1 in this example)

Image Placeholder

4) Add the tag and save the product.
5) For any other product you wish to use as a landing page to start the SAME funnel, just add the same tag (i.e. funnel1 in the example above)

You can have multiple different funnels using product pages as landing pages - just create the funnels as above, but use different tags for the proper products.  NOTE: you can only use 1 tag to identify a product for a funnel landing page in this way.