Enabling Image Zoom on an Image Object:

Funnel Buildr now has an integration with MagicZoom to have the built-in ability to let your customers zoom in on images on your pages.

The ability to use MagicZoom is done on a per-image-object level (i.e. you need to enable it on each image object you have on your pages).  Here's how:

1) Edit the page in question (or create a new one!)
2) Add an image object.  Click on the gear icon at the top right of the image object to bring up the settings:
Image Placeholder

3) Once in the object settings, click on Advanced
4) In the Advanced Settings for the object, choose Yes in the dropdown for Enable Image Zoom on Hover:

Image Placeholder

5) Click Save to save the settings
6) When done editing the page, click Save and then Exit to save the page and exit
7) Click Preview to preview the page from the Pages list.
8) When viewing the page, mouseover the image and you'll see the zoom window open next to it:
Image Placeholder

Disabling Image Zoom for an Image Object:

Just repeat the above steps, but when you get to step 4, choose No from the dropdown.  After saving the page, the zoom functionality will no longer be active for that image object.