In this video, you will learn how to add Paypal as a payment option in your Funnel Buildr 2.0 app settings.  Please keep in mind, if you have the app installed on more than one store, you will need to complete this process for each store, but if you're using the same Paypal account you can copy the same credentials to each store.

If your Paypal Account has Reference Transactions Enabled:

You will just need to enter in the API credentials as detailed in the video above.  This will allow you to offer true one-click upsells/downsells to your customers.  Make sure to set the Paypal Reference Transactions to ENABLED.

If your Paypal Account does *not* have Reference Transactions Enabled:

Before following the below instructions, be sure to follow the steps in the video above to add your API credentials to Funnel Buildr.  They are necessary in addition to the below.

1) Go to the Paypal Developer Portal: 
2) Click the blue Log in to Dashboard button at the top right:

Image Placeholder
Using your Paypal account credentials.

3) Make sure you're in the My Apps & Credentials section (left side menu)
4) Click the Live button at the top:

Image Placeholder
5) Click the Create App button:

Image Placeholder
6) In the Create New App screen, name the app (it can be anything, as long as it is unique to your account):

Image Placeholder
Click Create App after entering in the App Name.

8) The next screen will display the App Client ID.  You will need these to put into the Funnel Buildr Settings (screencap below is INTENTIONALLY cut short - the Client ID is much longer than displayed:

Image Placeholder
9)  Login to your store and go into the Funnel Buildr app.
10) Click Settings > Checkout Settings
11) Make sure Paypal Reference Transactions are disabled and enter in your Client ID from step #8 (copying and pasting from the clipboard is the best way).  (Again note - the Client ID is much longer and intentionally cut short in the screencap below):

Image Placeholder

12) Click the blue Update button at the bottom right to save  the settings.

Now, you're able to offer post-checkout upsells/downsells to your customers (see the following KB article: Paypal One Click Upsells (without Reference Transactions on the PP account)